Florida Bass Adventures Trip Information

No Fish No Pay Policy - Our goal is to structure every trip according to each clients goals and experience to make for a very personalized and successful fishing trip. The initial conversation that I have with a client is a vital first step to achieving this allowing me to ask important questions so that once I know your experience and goals, the best recommendation can be made. These recommendations could be using artificial lures, live bait, length of trip, which lake to fish or type of equipment.


All trips are guaranteed that you will catch a fish or you don't pay for anything. Exception to this would be a fishing trip that happens after a severe cold front or high winds. If you choose artificial lures for your fishing trip we will be more than happy to accommodate your request but in the event that during the trip you have not caught a fish we will require that live bait is purchased and used for the remainder of the day. If at the end of the trip you still have not caught a fish the trip is free, your deposit will be refunded and the bait will not be charged. I feel this is the most clear and concise guarantee a client will find and believe it is the best way to guarantee you will have a successful day.


RESERVATIONS- A deposit will be used to lock in the day or days you request. Once you send a deposit your trip is confirmed and requires no further actions so long as I have your trip details that are filled out on the contact us page.


Once your deposit is sent, your trip is locked in and requires no further action from you. One question I frequently get from clients a week before their trip is "are we still on for our trip". Your deposit locks in your reservation and guarantees you have a trip booked. It is designed to allow clients to rest easy knowing they have a booking and not wonder if someone else will take their day.


Reservations are on a first come first serve basis and guarantees that you will be fishing with me. The deposit will go towards the balance of your trip. As far as bad weather is concerned, lightning or high winds are the only things that would force a trip cancellation and this is a rare occurrence. The deposit is a commitment between both parties to meet on their scheduled day and is not refundable if a client is unable to make their scheduled trip date. The deposit can be used towards reserving another day in the event you cannot make your scheduled date.


TRANSPORTATION - We will be happy to pick you up and drop you off from your resort for free if you are staying at Sea World, Universal Studios, Hotels on hwy 535 or hotels on International Drive. For clients staying inside Disney property there is a $50.00 fee for pick up and drop off from these resorts. If you are staying in a vacation rental home, or resorts on West hwy 192 we are unable to offer pick up from these areas.


WHAT TO DO AFTER YOU HAVE MADE A RESERVATION - Print the directions provided on the site, purchase your fishing license, call me the night before your trip. It's that easy.


WHAT IF I AM NOT AVAILABLE - In the event that I am booked for the dates you are interested in we can still take care of your trip by providing you with one of the best guides in the area. While we are not a booking service I do work with the best guides that operate with the same standards that I do. If you would like us to take care of this for you simply let me know and I will make all the arrangements.


TACKLE AND EQUIPMENT: Everything you need to enjoy your day is supplied. Rods, reels and all artificial lures. If you are booking an artificial lure trip and would like to bring your own equipment you may do that also but please do not bring any tackle or lures.


WHAT TO BRING - A Guide trip is designed for you to be able to just show up and go fishing without needing any tackle. Here is a list of what is not  provided that you may want to bring:
-a hat
-rain gear

No Beer please.


CHILDREN - Children will always be welcome on my boat. Children are the future of the sport and the goal is for them to leave with a desire to continue fishing at home. If you bring your child expect them to have a great time and catch all the fish!


SURPRISE FEES - There will never be any surprise fees on the day of your trip. All costs are listed on the guide rates page. Payments on the day of your trip should be made in cash. It is the responsibility of the client to know their balance due and have the correct amount. Personal checks and company checks are only accepted for advanced payment.


START TIME - Generally safe light as it is the most productive time of the day. Start time will be discussed the night before your trip.